“Game of the Week” Branding…In Print!

My "Game of the Week" Branding Logo on a newspaper.

My "Game of the Week" Branding Logo on a newspaper page, 2/11/2011

I re-branded the Varsity Game of the Week page back in December, 2010 with a new logo and web page re-design with table-less HTML, CSS and Photoshop.  My logo ended up being in the February 11, 2011 issue of the Courier-Post Varsity section, page 4D.


About Sanford Guerrero
Sanford is a Full-Time Web Developer and Designer for CourierPostOnline.com, an online extension of the Courier-Post newspaper in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. On the side he also manages a private law-enforcement online community and is an avid piano and poker player.

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