ECM Vendors iOS App

Splash Screen
Splash Screen

iOS App

Development Time:  1 month.

Go-Live:  September 2014.

Purpose:  To allow Day & Zimmermann employees in the ECM (Engineering Construction & Maintenance) business to browse and view contact information of current third-party vendors the company does business with.

  • This iOS is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
  • Built from the ground-up in Objective C.
  • The vendor category carousel, which represents a “directory rolodex”, uses a third-party plugin called iCarousel.
  • Vendor data is queried to a Microsoft SharePoint via a SOAP web service call and is synched onto the app’s internal SQLite database.
  • The splash screen image was designed in Adobe Photoshop.
Vendor data synching
Vendor Carousel
Vendor search and results list.
Vendor search and results list.
Vendor info screen.
Vendor info screen.

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