ECM Print Shop Development Time:  2.5 weeks. Launch:  November 2014 Purpose:  For Day & Zimmermann marketing employees to browse and order marketing collateral.  (e.g. posters, stickers, signs, product datasheets, company booklets, etc.)  

Day & Zimmermann Open Shop Development Time:  Two months. Launch:  November 2014 Purpose:  For contractors to search, view and apply for current engineering, maintenance and construction jobs. Hosted on an IIS 7 server with an back-end. All jobs, categories and user data with resumes are stored on a MSSQL. The design comp was created in Adobe Photoshop and itsContinue reading “Day & Zimmermann Open Shop”

ECM Vendors iOS App

iOS App Development Time:  1 month. Go-Live:  September 2014. Purpose:  To allow Day & Zimmermann employees in the ECM (Engineering Construction & Maintenance) business to browse and view contact information of current third-party vendors the company does business with. This iOS is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Built from the ground-up in Objective C.Continue reading “ECM Vendors iOS App”

Varsity All-Stars, Front and Back-Ends Total project turnaround time:  Two weeks. Utilizing:  PHP for dynamic server-side processing, MySQL for data storage, and HTML, CSS and Photoshop for GUI design. Purpose:  For readers to browse and view the best high school athletes in the area and for administrators to import them onto the database.