Election 2008

Before I created the Election 2010 frontpage template, there was this back in 2008… I used HTML, Photoshop for graphics, Saxotech script (a proprietary programming language used to display news articles), and JavaScript to run the vertical scroll (running under “Key New Jersey Results”).  See picture.

2010 South Jersey Voter Guide

courierpostonline.com/2010voteguide Project Conceived:  Late-August 2010 Project Completed:  October 13, 2010 Layout: Designed and sliced in Photoshop and coded the content in Dreamweaver. Map Graphics: I edited three New Jersey graphic maps in SVG in Adobe Illustrator to give districts/counties some gradient color and some outer glow along the border.  I later exported it in compressedContinue reading “2010 South Jersey Voter Guide”

High School Varsity Sports Live Video Page

courierpostonline.com/varsitylive Project Completed:  July 2010 Page was designed in Adobe Photoshop and primed in Dreamweaver.  Our live video provider Livestream.com allowed us to use their video player, live chat and video library widgets for content.  Proprof.com provided free polls. UPDATE: I’m happy to announce that my live sports video page got a big-money sponsorship dealContinue reading “High School Varsity Sports Live Video Page”

CourierPostOnline.com Re-Design

courierpostonline.com Project Conceived:  April 2010 Project Completed:  June 2010 The layout was based on our sister newspaper web site, the Asbury Park Press in Neptune, New Jersey.  However, I added and tweaked some aspects to make our page look like our very own. Front-page Tweaks: – The news ticker was coded in HTML, CSS andContinue reading “CourierPostOnline.com Re-Design”