YourPrez – A Greetings-Filled DVD/Web Site for President Obama

Project Conceived:  November, 2008
Project Completed:  February, 2009

The original premise was to design a multimedia DVD, compatible with all DVD players, filled with audio, video and letter greetings to U.S. President Barack Obama.  Former Assistant New Media Editor Whitney Rhodes collected reader submissions for publication.

As soon as I got the material, I designed the GUI and re-sized all photos and images of scanned letters in Adobe Photoshop.  Next, I designed a storyboard and determine how the watchers could navigate and see the content.  Finally, I sorted all that and published the DVD through Roxio.

Following the publication, this online extension was made using the same material made through Photoshop and modifying to make it all suitable for the web.


Hey folks, it’s Sanford.  Glad to be back owning a web site on the internet.  This time it’ll only be different.  Rather than posting some random thoughts, this site will be a professional portfolio of all the web sites and graphic designs I’ve done over the past five years, today, and beyond.  These samples should give everyone an idea of what I normally do to make a living, why I love doing it, and how my work has made an impact on the companies I’ve either previously or currently work for.

I welcome constructive feedback and questions.  For now, hang on…and enjoy the ride!